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Best Dog Food for Puppies

Best Dog Food for Puppies

Puppies are the cutest little things in the world, that is for sure, and if you are a lucky dog parent, you should take real care of your fur baby. What you should consider first, is quality nutrition as it provides your pup with the nutrients that are essential for healthy growth. Puppies require tons of energy and nutrients to keep up with their active lifestyle and calories to build up strong muscles, dense bones, healthy skin and fur. Here, we have a list of the best foods for puppies.

Wet foods are generally recommended for the puppies as these are easier to chew and digest. If your pup is too young, it might even have problems chewing on the dry foods, so it is best that you stick to the wet canned foods. Smaller dogs prefer easily digestible and chewable foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Of course, you must always look for the products that combine high quality and low price. The combination of price and quality, of course, is important and you need to go with the product that is most cost-efficient considering your budget. Usually, foods for puppies are cheaper than that for the adult dogs, so feeding your puppy some high-quality foods would not be much of a burden for your wallet.

Vet Recommended Puppy Food

  1. Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food
  2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy
  3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Food
  4. Victor Purpose Nutra Pro Dog and Puppy
  5. Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy

Best Dry Puppy Food

Of course, dry foods can also be quite good for small dogs and puppies. Some puppies have jaws and teeth strong enough to chew on solid pieces of food. You can choose among some of the best types of dry foods for puppies and try different brands to find the one that suits your little buddy best.

Best Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds

Of course, small pups require special diets too as their bodies require so much more macronutrients for healthy growth. What is also essential to remember is that puppies are much more playful and active than adult dogs, which is why they tend to burn out lots of calories. That is why you need to take the specific needs of your little buddy into account to ensure it grows healthy and strong. Puppies require much more protein in their diet as well as healthy fats and carbs to make sure they have enough energy for all the running, jumping, and playing around they do on a daily basis.

  • Orijen Puppy Large
  • Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Puppy
  • Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy Food

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